Brugg Steel Ropes sp. z o. o. sp.k.

RLE Brugg rope tension equalizer

The RLE Brugg rope tension equalizer is used for precise, simple and quick regulation of rope tension. The device is a complete system packed in two solid suitcases. Installing and starting the device takes a few minutes. The device is based on the hydraulic principle, which means that the tension in the ropes is not only precisely and easily, but also automatically equalized. In practice, one operator is enough to operate the device.

The device has 8 cylinders, which allows you to equalize the tension in 8 crane ropes at the same time. If the elevator has more ropes, e.g. 10 ropes, first we align 8 ropes, then we install any 2 cylinders on the unaligned ropes and repeat the alignment process. The advantage of the device are cylinders with a very small diameter of 40 mm.