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Chain slings

Chain slings and chain lashings have many advantages. First of all, chain slings can be used at high temperatures, up to 380 °C. The weight of chain slings is no longer so heavy since the invention of class 10 and 12 slings. Class 10 heavy duty chains are manufactured in accordance with the EN 818-2 standard modified with the mechanical values for class 10.

Another advantage of chain slings is the possibility of use in aggressive environments in the chemical and food industries by using a stainless steel lifting chain. The stainless chain is made of high-quality stainless steel and has a load capacity of 25% greater than that of lifting chains in class 5. The chains are tested at 100% of their load capacity, which is an impressive 12,000 kg! The chain is electrically welded for an exceptionally clean finish, is stamped and has higher acid and alkali resistance than standard G8, G10 and G12 lifting chains. We guarantee the compatibility of the chain with links with dimensions similar to DIN 5687-1 and EN 818-2 standards. The stamp makes it easier to identify chains.

We offer spare parts for all types of chain slings. Broken elements of chain slings can be ordered from us and replaced. We also offer the replacement of spare parts for chain slings at our Brugg Liny Stalowe plant near Nowy Dwór Gdański in Stobec.