Brugg Steel Ropes sp. z o. o. sp.k.

Bridge stays

In suspension bridges and extradosed posts, cable stays made of fully closed FLC (full locked cable) steel ropes, also known as VVS, are often used.

The FATZER company has been specializing in the production of the highest quality ropes for approximately 190 years. We are currently focused on the development, production and sale of technically advanced ropes for cable cars, buildings and more. Assembly and customer service play a special role here. FATZER produces high-quality spiral steel ropes, fully closed FLC (full locked cable), also known as VVS, which are approved for use in bridges.

The FATZER company - manufacturer of FLC ropes in cooperation with BRUGG Liny Stalowe, which installs FLC ropes, can boast of prestigious references such as:Harpe Bru in Norway - shrouds made of FLC steel ropes φ 120 mmFarrisbrua in Norway - shrouds made of FLC steel ropes φ 150 mmSchorgasttalbrücke in Germany - shrouds made of FLC steel ropes φ 110 mm

The use of FLC ropes was particularly important in the above projects, where beautiful landscapes should be obscured as little as possible by large structures. The relatively thin FLC ropes actually disappear in the background of the view of the bridge structures.