Brugg Steel Ropes sp. z o. o. sp.k.

Coated steel rope

The Brugg Liny Stalowe company is one of the most famous producers of coated steel ropes. The companies of the BRUGG group have combined their many years of experience in the production of steel ropes and electric cables. On this basis, a unique technological line was created at the BRUGG factory in Switzerland. There, steel ropes are coated with extremely durable plastic.

Due to the high-quality steel ropes, plastic and extremely durable steel-plastic connection, BRUGGA coated steel ropes are valued all over the world.

CTP BRUGG sheathed steel ropes have type examination certificates for use as load-bearing ropes in cranes. The unique technology and repeatable quality of BRUGG coated ropes make them the favorite load-bearing cable of an increasing number of crane manufacturers over the years. We have three diameters of coated ropes in stock (outer diameter of the cover): 6.5 mm, 8.1 and 10 mm.

But other customers also appreciated the excellent performance of BRUGG coated ropes and use them in their applications. Thus, BRUGG Liny Stalowe can custom-coat steel ropes according to customer specifications. The color of the material and parameters are negotiable