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Crane ropes for elevators

BRUGG Liny Stalowe is a global manufacturer of lifting ropes for elevators. Our role does not end there, as we are also a partner in innovative elevator designs.

Our global team supports your projects at subsequent stages, and thanks to this we have up-to-date data and information for the development of our products. With best-in-class ropes, collaboration with designers and individual support, we enrich your expertise and capacity for innovation. This enables you to develop safer and more modern cranes.

Together we will reach a new level in elevator design, so you can become a leader in the elevator industry. Our experts are with you every step of the way to make innovation even faster, from strategic product development to worldwide delivery, from installation training to long-term customer service.

With top-class products that are trusted around the world for quality and performance, we eliminate the risks associated with innovation. We source raw materials only from suppliers who consistently meet our high standards.

Our modern production technologies, and in particular the qualifications and experience of our global teams, ensure consistent quality at all times. We use the latest measurement and monitoring technology to control our processes and production lines. In the meantime, we can continuously confirm the quality of our products through durability and property tests with statistical evaluation in our in-house test center.

More information can be found in our catalogue: "Elevator ropes"

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