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Stainless steel ropes

Stainless steel ropes are resistant to weather conditions, so such ropes are perfect for outdoor use. Using stainless steel as a material makes sense for a variety of reasons. In this way, a long service life can be guaranteed even in extreme application areas. Stainless steel ropes are mainly used outdoors or near chemicals or water. Stainless steel ropes are also often very popular in interiors due to their pleasing aesthetics.

With stainless steel ropes from BRUGG Liny Stalowe, you get a balustrade solution for balconies, roof terraces, stairs, balustrades, galleries and other surfaces that impresses with the aesthetics of a sea yacht and lightness both inside and outside.

Depending on your idea, you can attach our balustrade ropes with tips from the FINE LINE, MID LINE, STANDARD LINE and DO IT LINE series to balconies, stairs and other locations. Whether external or internal threads, loops, thimbles, forks or eyes, bushings for countersunk or countersunk heads - you can equip your stainless steel balustrade ropes with our various attachments according to your wishes.

Thanks to the DECO LINE, BRUGG Liny Stalowe offers the products you need to provide your plants with the desired support in the process of greening the facade: spacers, cross clamps, climbing rungs and steel ropes made of stainless steel. Fulfill your personal design wishes and simply combine various elements from the DECO line with parts from the FINE LINE, DO IT LINE or STANDARD LINE.

Good climate inside – Green facades have an insulating effect and thus prevent extreme temperature fluctuations inside the building. This creates a pleasant atmosphere in the room in a completely natural way.

Facade protection – Greening the facade protects against sun and rain, thus increasing the life of the facade.

Beautiful appearance – Green facades are simply beautiful! The combination of living greenery and architecture offers a wealth of attractive design options. Together with architects and garden designers, BRUGG specialists have already implemented many attractive greenery on facades.

Creating green areas – Floor space is limited and expensive. Greening the facade makes it possible to create additional and inexpensive green areas in the building. These micro gardens improve the quality of our lives. 

More information can be found in our catalog: "Architecture ropes