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Crane ropes

Our BRUGG crane ropes are first class ropes used in elevators all over the world. Our crane ropes are manufactured in Switzerland based on many years of experience. Standard crane ropes are covered in the crane standards. And crane ropes must meet these standards. In addition to meeting the standards, BRUGG crane ropes have always been enriched with innovative elements. BRUGG was the first to start painting I-Line on its crane ropes, i.e. a colored line for checking the possible twist of the supporting rope after assembly. Thanks to I-Lina, you can recognize the type of BRUGG crane rope at first glance by the color of the line. But the most important benefit of I-Line is the ability to detect unwanted twist in a crane rope and easily correct it.

The best BRUGG crane ropes for high and fast cranes are 9-strand ropes. At the time when BRUGG introduced them to the market, it was an innovative move. And even today, few companies are able to offer good 9-strand crane ropes.

Brugg Liny Stalowe also offers non-standard crane ropes that exceed the crane standards. They are admitted to the market with type examination certificates issued by notified bodies. These are crane ropes approved for use with a smaller friction wheel than required by the crane standard. But above all, these are innovative crane ropes in the form of CTP BRUGG round ropes and flat BRUbelt crane belts.

Concluding these considerations about crane ropes, it is worth noting that ropes for mobile cranes are often colloquially called crane ropes. This is probably because mobile cranes are sometimes mistakenly called cranes.

Customers who ask us about crane ropes mean either ropes for mobile cranes or ropes for elevators. Therefore, when you hear a question about crane ropes, you need to make sure what ropes the customer has in mind. The crane ropes in our offer are very good quality ropes, proven for years on many international markets.

The Gustav Wolf company, of which Amis is a representative in Eastern Europe, including Poland, can boast over a hundred years of tradition in the production of steel ropes, including crane ropes. The crane ropes in our offer include load-bearing ropes and speed limiter ropes. They are manufactured in accordance with applicable standards. They can be galvanized or bare. Some of our crane ropes have special approvals for use with wheels with a smaller diameter. Obtaining these approvals was possible after conducting many tests in the Gustav Wolf laboratory and subsequently in the laboratories of the certification body.

This allows them to be used in very different lifting solutions. Our crane ropes are always in line with the times and technical requirements in the crane market. The manufacturer always carefully monitors the development of the lifting industry in order to meet the expectations of customers and be able to offer innovative solutions.