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Strap slings

As for the frequency of inspections of belt slings, belt slings should be subjected to a specialist inspection at least once a year (belt slings EN 1492-1, hose slings EN1492-2).

Operating temperature of belt slings: from -40°C to max. +100°C

Resistance of belt slings: Contact with chemicals is prohibited

Storage of belt slings: Dry, stainless shelves, ventilated rooms. No contact with exhaust air, smoke and chemicals. Protect from direct sunlight or other sources of UV rays

Criteria for rejection of webbing slings: Longitudinal and transverse cuts. Seam damage. Abrasions. Exposed core and pierced casing. Missing cargo markings. Strap slings (EN1492-1, EN 1492-2) must be withdrawn from use after 10 years of use.

Important note for belt slings: The load capacity reduction of the belt sling for loops, edges and screws can be as much as 30%.