Brugg Steel Ropes sp. z o. o. sp.k.

Ropes with electric wires

Steel ropes with integrated current-carrying conductors not only carry the load, but also transmit control signals and electrical energy. Ropes with electric conductors designed and manufactured in accordance with the requirements of our customers may be equipped with one or more electric conductors. The use of the rope determines what rope construction is used:

  • Spiral ropes for static or mostly static applications
  • Stranded ropes for all normal rope drives
  • Round spiral ropes for rope drives that require non-rotating ropes


Depending on the number of electrical conductors, the required cross-section of a single conductor and the insulation resistance, variations are possible within the basic designs. Most often, ordinary stranded rope is used for ropes with electrical cables. Electrical wires are placed in or instead of the core of the rope. If there is not enough space, you can increase the diameter of the rope or the number of strands. A larger rope diameter results in a larger rope drive size. Increasing the number of strands reduces the MSZ (minimum breaking force) of the rope.

The quality of insulating materials in electrical cable lines is very important. They must not only insulate the conductor electrically, but also withstand mechanical stress. In the event of a wire break or short circuit, the operation of the rope drive will be seriously impaired and the rope must be replaced. During normal operation, a short circuit cannot occur before the rope wears out, i.e. the criteria for replacement occur.