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Non-twistable ropes

Ropes that are both non-rotational and low-torque (rotation-resistant) are necessary for users of overhead cranes, mobile cranes and tower cranes. The idea is to prevent the lifted load hanging on the rope from rotating around its own axis. An ordinary rope hanging freely will untwist under its own weight. This unwinding will be even more intense when lifting the load at the end of the rope. Therefore, it was necessary to construct ropes with a special weave, i.e. non-twisting ropes.

In addition to a special weave, non-ship ropes often have compacted (hammered) weaves. The goal is to increase the load capacity of the rope for a given rope diameter. To increase the flexibility of non-twisting ropes, they have plastic-filled interiors. Thanks to this, the life of non-twisting ropes increases as they are constantly wound through the rollers.

Our offer includes many types of non-twisting ropes, including Diepa ropes. The selection of the appropriate rope for a given application must be made very carefully. Using the wrong rope can have serious consequences, such as property damage or personal injury. Choosing the right rope is crucial for special applications! Contact us to choose the right rope for your application.

When assembling non-ship ropes to length, we do not cut them, but twist them at high temperature on a heater. The end of the rope after leaving the heater has the shape of a cone and the wires are welded together. Thanks to this, the wires at the end of the rope do not spread apart, and the cone facilitates the installation of the non-twisting rope in the winder drum holder. On non-ship ropes, we can attach appropriate ends, e.g. threaded ones, by pressing them on a hydraulic press. We also pour WIRELOCK® resin on rope ends on non-twist ropes.