Brugg Steel Ropes sp. z o. o. sp.k.

Stainless steel ropes

Our thin steel ropes are suitable for use in almost all areas of technology and are used for a wide variety of purposes. The preferred and proven material is stainless steel, which impresses with its exceptional durability and versatility. Stainless steel ropes are made of stainless steel wires.

The most resistant to external conditions are stainless steel ropes made of AISI 316 – A4 acid-resistant steel.

It is recommended to use stainless steel ropes in acidic and alkaline environments, where galvanized ropes would corrode quickly. We recommend the use of stainless steel ropes in the food, pharmaceutical, chemical, shipbuilding industries, water sports and yachts.

Stainless steel ropes are also an ideal solution in external architecture, balustrades and greening of facades. Stainless steel rope tendons are finished with appropriate stainless steel ends, permanently attached to the rope in our factory.