Brugg Steel Ropes sp. z o. o. sp.k.

Manufacturer of steel ropes

How does the manufacturer of steel ropes BRUGG or FATZER produce their products? Steel ropes consist of a large number of steel wires. Individual wires are braided into strands. Several strands are then woven together to form the core of the rope (warp of the rope), around which the outer strands of the wire rope are laid. Some rope structures have plastic filling inside. Before the final weave, a plastic cover is placed on the rope core in a special process at a later stage of work. It goes without saying that the manufacturer of wire ropes ensures that there is enough lubrication inside the rope.

The manufacturer of steel ropes BRUGG or FATZER establishes with their ropes the basis for durable, strong connections: for cranes with heavy traffic, as well as for innovative cable structures. Our ropes are made to order and individually tailored to the needs of our customers. In this way, we achieve the greatest possible harmony between all components, contributing to extending their service life and reducing long-term costs.

We are not only a manufacturer of steel ropes, but also a competent partner in matters of ropes, with many years of experience and specialization in the production of ropes with high performance parameters.

The goal of BRUGG and FATZER is not only to be the best manufacturer of steel ropes in the world, our customers should also benefit from the highest level of service from the very beginning. Our skills include consulting and training in planning, installation and regular servicing of used ropes. The manufacturer of steel ropes determines the criteria for replacing the ropes as well as the method of their maintenance in accordance with the lifting standard. Crane steel rope manufacturer Gustav Wolf recommends relubrication as a significant way to extend the life of ropes.

Research has been carried out to prove that ropes that were additionally lubricated with 30 % extend their service life compared to ropes that were never lubricated during their use. Many rope maintainers still express surprise when they hear about relubrication. The manufacturer Gustav Wolf recommends a grease called T86 for supplementary lubrication, whose composition is similar to the grease used for Gustav Wolf ropes during their production process. Thanks to this, these lubricants work together without damaging the line, but only preserving it and significantly extending its service life.

Ropes should be checked at least once a year for possible grease deficiency. If it is missing, it should be supplemented. This can be done by applying the lubricant directly from a 1-liter bottle with a dispenser or using a special device that we offer. This device is very practical when you have a larger number of cranes to maintain. Awareness of the role of supplementary lubrication of steel ropes is constantly growing.