Brugg Steel Ropes sp. z o. o. sp.k.

Rope cuffing

At our Brugg Steel Ropes plant, you can order the crimping of load-bearing ropes. Our high-pressure hydraulic presses with appropriate dies allow us to crimp APAG threaded pins even on supporting ropes with a diameter of up to 16 mm. APAG BRUGG technology is approved for use in cranes by the Office of Technical Inspection and TÜV.

APAG BRUGG threaded studs are also attached to supporting ropes for rope car lifts. We crimp crane, crane and stainless steel ropes, also on customer's ropes. Each of our rope fittings receives a certificate confirming the quality of our fitting, which can transfer even the minimum breaking force of the rope. Other crimped rope ends are also available on request.

In our test laboratory, we have a rope ripper with a pulling force of 200 t, certified by the Central Office of Measures. Rope fittings are checked on this testing machine through destructive or non-destructive tests.

APAG BRUGG forged rope ends shorten the installation time of crane ropes, as the installation of a rope suspension on one side of the rope will no longer be necessary. The holes in the cabin or counterweight mounting plate can be located very close to each other because the APAG BRUGG pin is not much thicker than the rope. This ensures that the ropes are parallel without any unwanted skew. The inspection hole allows you to check the position of the rope inside the cuff. It is possible to easily protect against undesirable rotation of the supporting rope around its own axis. Another advantage is the lack of noise from the rope end, because APAG BRUGG does not have individual parts.