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Hose slings

If you want to lift particularly slippery or sensitive loads, choose a textile, polyester sling. It can be a snake, webbing or belt sling. They are ideal, for example, for lifting rollers, shafts, finished parts or painted objects. Natural fiber slings and man-made fiber slings are very suitable for pressure-sensitive and relatively light loads such as pipes, heating or ventilation elements.

Hose slings are made in accordance with the PN-EN 1492-2 standard Textile slings - Safety - Part 2: Closed-circuit slings made of synthetic fibers, general purpose. The hose slings inside the protective sleeve have load-bearing fibers. Better protection of the load-bearing fibers against damage is a double protective sleeve, which can be ordered for an additional fee.

An additional advantage of hose slings is the ability to quickly recognize the load capacity by its color. For example, a hose sling with a load capacity of 1 ton will be purple. However, from a load capacity of 10 tons and above, the color of the hose slings will be orange.