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Bridge hangers

Bridge hangers made of steel cables are ideal for arch bridges and suspension bridges. The FATZER company produces high-quality spiral steel ropes, fully closed FLC (full locked cable), also known as VVS, which are approved for use in bridges.

Bridges with bridge hangers made of FLC steel ropes are characterized by high aesthetic values. This is because, due to their much higher breaking force in relation to bars or strands, comparable strength steel rope hangers will have a diameter almost twice smaller than the bars or strands. Therefore, relatively thin FLC steel ropes look good in the bridge structure without obscuring the view of the landscape.

Fatzer bridge hangers are perfectly protected against corrosion by the special Galfan galvanizing technology. In case of increased requirements for anti-corrosion protection, bridge hangers made of steel ropes can be additionally painted with SIKA paints. You can also order bridge hangers made of Full Locked Cable ropes with HDPE coating in any color.