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FLC construction ropes

The BRUGG Liny Stalowe company offers individually designed spiral construction ropes for rope structures produced by FATZER.

FATZER offers perfectly fitting spiral ropes and rope terminations for rope structures in all their diversity. Thanks to our many years of engineering experience, the ropes can be completely adapted to the requirements of your construction project.

We offer two types of ropes for rope structures. These are OSS open spiral ropes and FLC closed spiral ropes - full locked cable. For spiral ropes, we offer appropriate rope terminations selected by the customer. FATZER OSS spiral ropes and FLC closed ropes are used in many rope construction industries. These include bridges, stadiums, facades, membrane roofs and other innovative structures. The aesthetics of spiral ropes cannot be overestimated. Spiral ropes have a much smaller diameter compared to alternative rigid or strands and therefore disappear in the structure.


Spiral ropes for bridges are used regardless of whether it is road bridges or pedestrian footbridges: with spiral ropes from FATZER, even large spans can be realized in a short time, because they arrive at the construction site pre-assembled and ready for installation. The highest quality guarantees safety, these bridges also impress with their aesthetics and functionality.

Today, representative stadiums and auditoriums have impressive, lightweight roof structures. The durable spiral ropes from FATZER offer ideal conditions for their creation. Thanks to the high-strength wires and flexibility of our ropes, they have a clear advantage over rigid structures.


Rope structures play an increasingly important role in modern facades. FATZER spiral ropes create ideal conditions for free design of facades. In addition to their visual value, such facades also provide the highest level of safety thanks to the highest quality ropes.

We also offer monitoring of FLC spiral ropes. With the TRUpin pin system you can constantly monitor ropes in all possible applications. This means you can immediately identify changes in the forces acting on the rope and plan maintenance activities depending on the actual loads.

In addition to the highest quality products, FATZER customers also benefit from expertise in engineering, certification, installation and support.

More information can be found in our catalogue "Structural ropes"