Brugg Steel Ropes sp. z o. o. sp.k.

Rope manufacturer

BRUGG Liny Stalowe is the only rope manufacturer in the world that can offer the lifting industry both conventional steel ropes, CTP BRUGG coated round ropes and flat BRUbelts. This is because BRUGG, as a manufacturer of ropes, has never been afraid of challenges to meet customer expectations

The belt is a high-strength flat tensioning element for lifting technology, lifting equipment and drives. What is BRUbelt? Whether for elevator drives, crane systems or conveyor systems – BRUbelt is characterized by the highest dynamic strength and is available in versions tailored to customer needs. BRUbelt is a combination of high-strength steel weaves with resistant, technologically advanced polymers to implement innovative drive technologies in the smallest space. Compared to conventional steel cables, BRUbelt offers greater load capacity with a reduced metal cross-section. BRUbelts cover a very wide range of different possible applications. As an alternative to chains and tie systems, they offer the user a maintenance-free, economical and space-saving solution for a given application area.

Another crane rope produced by BRUGG is the CTP coated rope. It is a fully steel rope with a polyurethane coating. It has 6 strands, plated with brass. It meets the highest requirements in terms of stretchability, driving comfort and durability.

Brugg is a manufacturer of fence ropes. The speed limiter cables transmit the elevator's speed to the speed meter, and its impulse triggers a safety device in the event of excessive speed.

Brugg is a manufacturer of steel ropes with integrated current-carrying cables. Such ropes not only carry the load, but also transmit control signals and electricity. Depending on the requirements of our customers, BRUGG Lifting can equip the designed and manufactured steel ropes with one or more electrical cables.