Brugg Steel Ropes sp. z o. o. sp.k.

BRUGG Steel Ropes is the exclusive representative of Swiss brands: BRUGG crane ropes for elevators and FLC full locked cable Fatzer construction ropes.

We offer a full range of all three types of load-bearing crane ropes: steel ropes with a fiber or steel core, CTP-coated ropes and BRUbelts. Depending on the order, we cut the ropes into sections and crimp on approved APAG rope ends. We also offer assembly of FLC closed ropes on construction sites, as well as production and rental of assembly tools and hydraulic cylinders. We install HDPE heat-shrinkable covers on rope endings.

We are a manufacturer of rope slings, including Grummet closed-circuit slings. We make chain slings to choose from in grades 8, 10 or 12. We also offer polyester hose and belt slings. Our engineering office designs and the factory produces traverses according to the customer's special needs. Our offer in lifting technology is complemented by shackles, lashing points, turnbuckles, rope clamps, etc.

Our inspectors perform periodic tests of slings and hoists, as well as their maintenance, service and repairs both at the client's and at our place. We perform conformity assessment adapting transport equipment to the requirements of EU directives.

Our sales range is complemented by comprehensive technical advice and training offers.

Our technical advisors will help you select and install our products.