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Testing of slings

Only sling testing ensures that lashing and lifting equipment, ladders and personal protective equipment are functional and safe. To ensure the safety of work equipment, various EU standards regulate test cycles for slings, lifting equipment and personal protective equipment against falls. Therefore, rope slings, belt slings, hose slings, chain slings, ladders and personal protective equipment must be checked by a specialist at least once a year. However, given the operating conditions, the specialist may also initiate shorter test cycles if necessary.

Regular inspection of slings is therefore mandatory and this is where BRUGG Liny Stalowe comes in to help. Take advantage of our long-standing offer and benefit from efficient, safe and durable fastening and lifting equipment.

Undamaged and tested slings and attachment devices receive a test sticker with the date of the next test. The operational safety of the slings is ensured and our upcoming visit remains visible.

Used shackles should be checked regularly by a specialist. Regular inspections must be based on the manufacturer's operating instructions, standards and state of the art. In addition, national and international guidelines must be followed. The user must check the shackles for damage before each use. Verification is necessary because the products can be used in a very general way and therefore there is a high potential for defects (bends, wear, cracks, etc.). The period between specialist inspections depends on the frequency of use and should not exceed six months (EN 13889).