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Testing of slings

Each delivered sling is equipped with a tag or label on which you can read all important information about the sling. Among other things, there is information about the date of the next sling test (year/month).

Use only tested slings, because the next inspection = your safety!

The frequency of inspections and tests of slings are determined by standards, e.g. chain slings EN 818-6, belt slings EN 1492-1, hose slings EN 1492-2). Lifting equipment must be checked at least once a year by a specialist. However, the shackle inspection should be performed after a maximum of 6 months, this period should be shortened if necessary due to working conditions.

Textile slings (belt EN1492-1, hose EN 1492-2) should be withdrawn from use after 10 years of use.

BRUGG Liny Stalowe offers periodic testing of slings at your plant or with us.

In addition to testing slings, we offer possible repairs of slings or their replacement with new ones. Thanks to this, your slings are always safe and ready for use. In addition to testing slings, we also test all lifting accessories, traverse tests, chain hoists and magnetic grippers.