Brugg Steel Ropes sp. z o. o. sp.k.

Steel cable

Steel ropes with diameters less than 6 mm are often called steel cables. We have in stock not only galvanized and stainless steel cables, but also fittings for them.

This is because the steel cable is present in virtually every agricultural machine, in every elevator door, car, motorcycle and numerous other devices as a maneuvering rod. We offer our clients repair of damaged steel cables. According to the provided pattern, we are able to put an appropriate end on the steel rope.

We offer a FLEX lift door cable with a length of 3500 mm, with an APAG external thread pressed on one side to set the correct cable tension. The set includes a clamping ring for securing the end of the rope to a fixed point, a bow clamp and a thimble for securing the loose end of the rope. Each package contains 5 sets of ropes. The advantages are: quick and easy assembly, fits most elevator door locking systems, reduces downtime, the set is complete because all parts are included, takes up little space in the warehouse.

We also supply stainless steel cables, for example for balustrades, supporting climbing plants, etc.

In addition to our durable steel balustrade cables, we offer various end fittings for crimping steel cables in four product lines FINE LINE, MID LINE, STANDARD LINE and DO IT LINE - suitable for every taste.