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Chain sling

The chain sling can be made in class 8, 10 or 12, and the higher the class number, the higher the strength of the sling steel. A chain sling with a higher class will be lighter than its counterparts with the same load capacity in a lower class. The low weight of a chain sling in class 12 is its main advantage.

Depending on the method of securing the load, you can order a one-, two-, three- or four-leg chain sling. The chain shortener allows for almost stepless adjustment of the length of any cable. The chain sling is delivered with a certificate and a declaration of compliance with the PN-EN 818 standard - Short link chain for lifting loads, according to which it is manufactured. Short chain links make the chain sling the most convenient sling for lifting loads, as its links are easy to arrange without getting tangled.

The ends of the chain tendons are any, they can be a hook, link, shortener, shackle, swivel, sheet metal clamp, barrel handle, container handle, sheet metal clamp.

Another great advantage is that the chain sling can be dismantled, as the elements are connected with removable chain connectors. In the event of a failure, simply replace the broken part of the sling, or even cut the chain by throwing away its broken part.